Amazon Echo: How To Fix “It Looks Like Your Device Isn’t Registered”

Amazon Echo Dot is one of the affordable smart speakers that you can buy. It offers you all the cool features that any other Alexa device offers. Also, the smart speaker is pretty easy to configure and get started with.

However, recently, a lot of users have complained about a strange error, which is Amazon Echo: it looks like your device isn’t registered.

In case if you bumped into the same problem and looking for a fix, then this article will help you out:

How To Setup Amazon Echo Dot The Right Way?

Before we move to any fixes, the first thing you must ensure is that your Amazon Echo Dot is set up in the right way in the first place. So go through the following steps and reconfigure your Amazon Echo dot:

  • First, download the Alexa App to your phone if you haven’t done so already and deselect your Echo Dot.
  • Next, place your smart speaker within the WiFi range and pair it up.
  • Now go to Alexa App settings and select WiFi.
  • Next, select your WiFi network and click on Connect.
  • After that, select your Alexa Echo Dot.
  • Next, select Add Alexa Device to the WiFi network.
  • After that, hold down the action button on your Echo Dot until the light ring turns orange.
  • Next, select your WiFi from the list that appears in the Alex app and enter your WiFi password.
  • Finally, select Connect to join Echo dot to your WiFi network.

Configure Third-Generation Echo Dot

If you have a 3rd generation Echo Dot, then you can follow the below steps to configure your smart speaker:

  • First, launch the Alexa app and deselect Echo dot.
  • Next, place Echo Dot within the range of your network and connect it. You will see a light ring on the speaker rotate for a moment.
  • After that, you will listen to Alexa greet you.
  • Once done, launch the Alexa app and follow the onscreen steps to enter the WiFi details.

Amazon Echo: How To Fix “It Looks Like Your Device Isn’t Registered”

When you order your Echo Dot from Amazon, it is registered to your Amazon account beforehand. So, you cannot use an alternative email to register your smart speaker.

So, if you are trying to use another account or using a used Echo ,Dot then you will need to delete the previous account details and then sign up with a new one.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • First, go to Amazon’s website.
  • Next, go to Your Account.
  • Click on Content and Devices.
  • Switch to the Devices tab and click on Echo device.
  • Finally, click on the Deregister button to remove it from the previous account.
deregister echo dot
  • Once done, reconfigure your Amazon Echo Dot service, and it should work for you.


So that was all for Amazon Echo: “It Looks Like Your Device Isn’t Registered” error. You can quickly get rid of the error by deregistering the device from its previous account and then registering to your new account. However, if you still face the same issue, contact Amazon Support for further help.

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