Ways to Safeguard Your Instagram Account from Unauthorized Access?

Navigating Instagram is a delight, whether it’s to share snapshots of life with pals, cultivate a community or forge a brand presence. Yet, the ramifications of unauthorized access to your account can send ripples across your online existence. In the forthcoming section, we unwrap the mystery of ‘hacking’ – spotting the signs, understanding the risks, and most crucially, fortifying your Instagram account against these digital infiltrations.

Signs Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked

If you find your Instagram account showcasing activities you don’t recognize, it’s possible it has been breached. Unauthorized access typically involves:

  • Content uploads like posts, stories, or reels that you’ve never created,
  • Unfamiliar comments, replies or reactions appearing to be from you,
  • Sent messages or conversations with unknown individuals,
  • Or alterations to your profile such as name, photo, bio, username, and more.

Not all signs are immediately visible. Be watchful for amendments in your security settings, newly linked apps, or unfamiliar contact details linked to your account, as these too could signal a compromise. Such changes might lock you out, preventing you from logging in. If you spot any aberrations, it’s crucial to address the issue swiftly to regain control of your account.

How to Prevent Instagram Hack?

Pay Attention to Passwords


With the rise in the number of Instagram users, the threats of hacking and phishing attacks are also escalating. Weak passwords stand as the primary risk factor in such incidents. All experts recommend the use of auto-generated passwords coupled with a password manager to bolster your defenses. Password managers facilitate access across various devices – desktops, mobiles, and even offline. You should also use distinct passwords for different accounts, complicating a hacker’s ability to compromise multiple pieces of your digital life.

Use a VPN


If Instagram security is important to you, you should definitely use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. It’s better to activate VPN for iOS by default. Moreover, VPN for iPhone can work in the background, protecting you from hacking. With the iOS VPN app, you can prevent password leaks since all data is transferred encrypted. Although there are many VPN apps, you need the best of the best. One of the technically advanced and practical solutions is VeePN.

Check Your Email

Should the email tied to your Instagram profile undergo any changes, Instagram will directly notify you to confirm this update. Did you spot an unexpected modification and now can’t access your account, suspecting a potential hack? Immediately look through your emails for a message from [email protected]. In the event you locate an email signifying an email switch, seize the opportunity to revert this alteration, laying the groundwork for securing your account.

In case you haven’t gotten any communication from Instagram, or if restoring your account via your email proves futile, it’s time to proceed to the subsequent step.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication serves as an extra shield to protect your online accounts from cyber intruders.

Wondering about its mechanism? Essentially, it’s a two-pronged verification strategy where you’ll need to provide a unique security code to validate your identity. Picture this scenario: when you attempt to access your Instagram account from a new gadget, you’ll be asked to punch in the security code to verify that it’s indeed you trying to log in.

Ready to heighten your account’s security on Instagram? Simply venture into your Settings, then select “Two-Factor Authentication” to activate this feature.

Learn More About Phishing Attacks

Instagram profiles are often compromised through tactics like social engineering and phishing, where malefactors masquerade as reputable entities, duping individuals into disclosing sensitive information.

Take a moment to view the accompanying video featuring renowned content maker, @wtfab, as she recounts her experience with Notch about the time she was deceived by a counterfeit brand’s phishing correspondence, leading to her account being breached. You can approach the problem differently and iOS VPN download, which offers anti-phishing functionality. Think of it as your insurance.

Verify Your Identity

If you’ve tried all suggested methods and still can’t access your hacked Instagram account, it’s time to confirm your identity to Instagram.

For a personal account, especially if it features your photos, Instagram asks for a video selfie as proof. After you upload your video, Instagram will assess it to decide if it’s sufficient for account recovery. If they can’t confirm it’s you, you’re allowed to try again with another video.

For business accounts or accounts without your photos, verification requires providing the original email or phone number used for registration, as well as the device type used during sign up.

Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps

Having trouble with apps or websites that have access to your Instagram? It’s time for a security check-up! Keep your account safe by removing permissions from apps you no longer use or don’t recognize. Here’s how:

  1. Open Instagram Settings and tap ‘Apps and Websites’.
  2. Review the list of authorized apps.
  3. Take back control and revoke access to keep your account secure.


In the Instagram landscape, brand and creator account security is paramount. Though absolute protection is elusive, fortifying your account against hackers is achievable with these straightforward measures.