Alexa Not Responding but Lighting Up [Fixed]

Alexa is one of the most popular smart speakers and AI assistants available out there. With just voice commands, it can play music, interact with smart devices, help you get different information from the web, and so on. And usually, Alexa doesn’t encounter any errors.

However, some users reported that Alexa was not responding but lighting up. This means Alexa is working but failed to process your command.

There are several reasons why this error occurs; one such error would be a weak internet connection. However, fixing the Alexa light not responding error isn’t as complicated as it seems, and the below methods will help you out:

Why Is Alexa Not Responding but Lighting Up?

Alexa not responding

There are several reasons why Alexa may not be responding to commands but still lighting up. Let’s explore a few possible explanations:

Internet Connectivity Issues

Alexa requires a stable internet connection to function properly. If your device is not connected to the internet or experiencing connectivity issues, it may light up but not respond. Check if other devices on your network are working correctly or try reconnecting your Alexa device to the Wi-Fi network to resolve the issue.

Temporary Server Outage

Occasionally, Alexa’s services may experience temporary server outages. In such cases, the device may light up, but the response may be delayed or not received at all. This can occur due to maintenance activities or other technical issues on Amazon’s end. Wait for some time and try again later.

Overwhelming Network Traffic

High network traffic or congestion can impact Alexa’s responsiveness. If there are many simultaneous commands or requests being sent to Alexa in your network or area, it may result in delays or non-responsiveness. Give it some time and try again when the network activity has reduced.

Noise or Interference

Alexa is designed to listen for its wake word to activate. Background noise or interference can prevent it from accurately detecting the wake word. This can cause the device to light up, but it may not respond to commands. Ensure that the environment is relatively quiet and free from loud noises or competing sources of sound.

Device Software or Firmware Glitches

Like any technology, your Alexa device may occasionally encounter software or firmware glitches. These can affect its responsiveness and performance. It’s a good idea to keep your device updated with the latest software and firmware updates from Amazon. If the problem persists, try restarting your device or performing a factory reset as a last resort.

Wake Word Misinterpretation

Alexa may occasionally misinterpret sounds or phrases as its wake word, causing it to light up. Although less common, it can happen due to similarities in pronunciation or environmental factors. Check if any sounds in your environment resemble or trigger the wake word unintentionally.

Device Hardware Issues

In rare cases, hardware issues with the Alexa device itself may result in lighting up but lack of responsiveness. If none of the troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, it’s worth contacting Amazon customer support for further assistance or considering a replacement if the device is under warranty.

How to Fix Alexa Not Responding but Lighting Up?

Now that you know what are some of the common reasons causing Alexa listening but not responding errors, the next question is how to fix it.

Well, here are a few quick fixes that you can try out:

1. Check Internet Connectivity

First, ensure that your Alexa device is connected to a stable and working internet connection. You can do this by verifying if other devices on the same network are able to access the internet or not.

You can also consider restarting your router and modem to refresh the network connection.

2. Verify Wake Word Detection

Make sure you are using the correct wake word (e.g., “Alexa,” “Echo,” or “Computer”). Do look out for any mispronunciations or unclear delivery of the wake word when giving commands.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the wake word sensitivity level in the Alexa app to ensure it responds accurately.

3. Reduce Background Noise and Interference

The next thing you can try out is, moving your Alexa device away from loud appliances or speakers that may interfere with accurate voice detection. Ensure there are no competing sources of noise in the environment that might confuse Alexa.

4. Restart Alexa Device

Alexa not responding but lighting up error can also occur because of any temporary glitch. So you can try restarting your Alexa device by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in after a few seconds.

After powering up your Alexa, make sure to let it fully boot up and reconnect to the internet before testing its responsiveness.

5. Check Device Software and Firmware Updates

You should also check if there are any pending updates available for your Alexa smart speaker. As the error can cause because of a temporary bug, and there is a good chance that the Amazon developers have already addressed the issue and released a fix via product update.

So ensure that your Alexa has the latest software and firmware updates installed. You can check it by following the below steps:

  • First, launch the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Next, navigate to the “Devices” section.
  • Select your Alexa device and check for available updates.
  • Install any pending updates.

6. Reset Your Alexa Device

If none of the above steps solve the issue, then the final thing you can try out is resetting your Alexa device. Before resetting Alexa, you must know that it will remove all the settings and configurations. So you need to reconfigure your Alexa with smart devices around your home, if there are any.

Once you are ready, follow the below steps:

  • Locate the reset button on your Alexa device. It is typically found on the bottom or back of the device.
  • Insert a small pin or paperclip into the reset hole and hold it down for about 5 to 10 seconds until the device restarts.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on the Alexa app to set up your device again.


How Do I Reset Unresponsive Alexa?

To reset an unresponsive Alexa device, locate the device’s reset button (usually on the bottom or back), press and hold it for about 5 to 10 seconds until the device restarts. Once reset, follow the on-screen instructions in the Alexa app to set up the device again.

Why Is Alexa Not Responding to Stop?

If Alexa is not responding to the “stop” command, it could be due to various reasons. Ensure that you are using the correct wake word and speaking clearly. Check for any background noise or interference that might be hindering Alexa’s voice detection. If the issue persists, try restarting your Alexa device or performing a factory reset. Contact Amazon customer support for further assistance if needed.


So those were some of the quick fixes for Alexa not responding but lighting up. There are many reasons why the error can occur. But mostly, it is related to a weak internet connection. You can also try restarting and resetting your Amazon Alexa device. However, if you still don’t get rid of the error, then consider contacting Amazon Support for further help.

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