Snapdrop Not Working Error – 10 Quick Fixes

When it comes to sharing files across your devices, Snapdrop is an excellent solution. It is a local file-sharing solution that allows you to share files from your phone to your PC and vice versa. However, recently some users reported about Snapdrop not working error.

In case if you are facing the same problem, then below you will find quick solutions to get rid of the error right away:

Common Issues with Snapdrop

  1. Server Issues: Sometimes, Snapdrop’s server might be down or experiencing problems, leading to the app not functioning properly. This can result in inability to access the service or perform file transfers.
  2. Browser Compatibility: Snapdrop may face compatibility issues with certain web browsers. Users often report problems specifically with browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  3. Network Connection Problems: For Snapdrop to work, both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Issues with the network connection can prevent the app from functioning correctly.
  4. Outdated App Version: Using an outdated version of the Snapdrop app can cause compatibility issues or bugs, leading to malfunction.

How To Fix Snapdrop Not Working Error?

1. Clear Browser Cache

First, you can start clearing your browser cache. There is a possibility that the Snapdrop website was temporarily unavailable. However, your browser didn’t update the cache file. As a result, it is loading the unavailable page only.

Instead, you can try clearing up your browser cache and refresh the page and see if it works for you. To do so, follow these steps:

For Chrome Users

  • First, go to the following URL: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  • Next, click on the clear data button to clean up your browser cache and cookies.
clear browser data
  • Once done, refresh Snapdrop’s website, and you are good to go.

If you are using any browser other than Chrome, do look into the settings to clear the browser cache and cookies.

2. Server Issues

Snapdrop is known for having frequent server issues. As a result, the app often doesn’t work properly. So if you are not being able to access the file-sharing app, you can try it after some time and see if it works.

3. Try A Different Browser

Some users have also reported that they have resolved Snapdrop not working error by trying a different browser. As per a Reddit thread, the issue mostly occurs with Mozilla Firefox and Chrome users.

So if you are using any of these two browsers, I would recommend you to switch to any other browser like Microsoft Edge or Brave Browser and see if it helps you get rid of the error.

4. Use VPN

use vpn snapdrop not working

You can also try using a VPN to see if you can access the website and get started with file sharing. There are many VPN applications available for your browser, desktop, and mobile apps.

If you do ask me for a suggestion, I would recommend you to try out Setup VPN for your browser and Windscribe for your desktop and mobile devices.

5. Disable VPN Connections

If you are already using a VPN, then disable it. As VPNs can change the network settings and IP addresses, which might interfere with Snapdrop’s ability to connect devices.

So you can temporarily disable any active VPN connections on the devices you are using with Snapdrop and check if this resolves the issue.

6. Update Snapdrop App

If you are trying to transfer files from phone to phone, then consider updating your Snapdrop app. There is a good chance the error is occurring because of a bug, and Snapdrop developers have already addressed the issue and released a path. So go ahead and try updating your Snapdrop app and see if it works for you.

7. Check Wi-Fi Connection

Snapdrop requires both devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network for file sharing.

To fix this, first verify that both the sending and receiving devices are connected to the same network.

If they are on different networks, Snapdrop will not function.

8. Disable Other Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions, particularly those related to security or ad-blocking, can interfere with Snapdrop’s web functionality.

So disable any non-essential browser extensions, especially ad blockers, and then try using Snapdrop again.

9. Reinstall Snapdrop

If updating Snapdrop app doesn’t work for you, then you can try reinstalling the app. This will ensure that you are installing the app freshly and there is no error or glitches that are preventing the app from functioning properly. So long press on the app and then uninstall it and download Snapdrop again from Google Play Store.

10. Try Snapdrop Alternatives

If none of the above methods works for you, then you must look out for Snapdrop alternatives for file sharing. There are many great Snapdrop alternatives available out there that allow you to seamlessly share files between your PC to your Phone and other devices. Such of those alternatives are:


So those were some of the quick Snapdrop not working error fixes. In the end, it would be better to switch to an alternative app for file-sharing than try to fix Snapdrop not working issue. Anyway, now go ahead and try out the fixes and see if they are any help to you. Also, for any other questions, do comment below. 

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