What Is Subaru Starlink? (Explained)

Subaru Starlink is the in-vehicle technology system found in newer Subaru models. Starlink integrates entertainment, information, and vehicle controls into one centralized touchscreen interface.

So, What is Subaru Starlink, and what are its key features? And how it can benefit Subaru owners. Whether you’re considering a new Subaru or just curious about the latest auto tech, read on to learn all about Subaru Starlink.

What is Subaru Starlink?

Key Features of Subaru Starlink

Subaru Starlink is an integrated suite of on-board technology that enhances the driving experience in Subaru vehicles through a combination of multimedia content, smartphone connectivity, seamless navigation, and advanced safety features. This comprehensive system is designed to keep drivers connected and entertained, while also providing an added layer of safety and convenience during their travels.

Unlike what its name might suggest, Subaru Starlink has no connection to SpaceX’s satellite internet service. Instead, it provides functionality similar to General Motors’ OnStar system, offering a blend of safety services, vehicle diagnostics, and connectivity features. This includes automatic collision notifications, enhanced roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery services, and the convenience of remote services through a dedicated smartphone app.

At its heart, Starlink aims to make every drive more enjoyable and secure. It allows Subaru owners to easily access their favorite apps and content wirelessly, manage vehicle health, and stay up to date with real-time navigation and traffic information. With its comprehensive suite of features, Subaru Starlink represents a significant step forward in automotive technology, emphasizing safety, convenience, and connectivity.

Key Features of Subaru Starlink

The key features of Subaru Starlink can be broadly categorized into safety and security services, multimedia connectivity, cloud-based applications, and Wi-Fi connectivity and remote services. These features work together to enhance the driving experience by offering a blend of entertainment, safety, and convenience directly from the vehicle’s onboard system.

Safety and Security Services

Subaru Starlink’s safety and security services are designed to provide peace of mind to Subaru drivers. This includes Automatic Collision Notification, which automatically alerts an operator in case of a significant collision, helping to send first responders to the vehicle’s location quickly.

The SOS Emergency Assistance button allows drivers to get in touch with emergency services directly. Enhanced Roadside Assistance is available for those unexpected situations on the road, while Stolen Vehicle Recovery aids in tracking and potentially recovering the vehicle if it’s stolen.

Vehicle Diagnostic Alerts keep the driver informed about the car’s health and maintenance needs, ensuring that the vehicle is always running at its best.

Multimedia Connectivity

The multimedia connectivity feature of Subaru Starlink ensures drivers and passengers stay connected and entertained. It seamlessly integrates with smartphones through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for easy access to apps, navigation, and music.

Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free phone calls and audio streaming, ensuring that drivers can stay focused on the road.

Advanced voice recognition technology allows for controlling various functions without the need to physically interact with the dashboard or devices, enhancing safety and convenience.

STARLINK Cloud-Based Applications

Starlink also offers a range of cloud-based applications accessible through the vehicle’s infotainment system, enhancing the information and entertainment options available to the driver and passengers.

This includes applications like Yelp for locating businesses and services on the go, iHeartRadio for a wide variety of music and radio stations, and Magellan NAVI for cloud-based navigation with real-time traffic and map updates.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Remote Services

For models equipped with Starlink, built-in Wi-Fi capability allows passengers to stay connected to the internet, making long trips more enjoyable.

Through the MySubaru app, various remote services become accessible, such as the ability to lock or unlock the vehicle remotely, locate the vehicle in a large parking lot or unfamiliar area, and even start the engine remotely to adjust the cabin temperature before getting in.

Subaru Starlink User Experience

The Subaru Starlink system enhances the driving experience through its integration of safety, connectivity, and convenience features. Safety aspects like Automatic Collision Notification and SOS Emergency Assistance offer peace of mind, while multimedia connectivity with smartphone integration keeps drivers entertained and informed.

Cloud-based applications and navigation features ensure easy access to information and entertainment on the go. Remote services via the MySubaru app, such as remote start and vehicle locator, add a layer of convenience, making interactions with the vehicle personalized and user-friendly.

Overall, Starlink focuses on making each drive safer, more connected, and enjoyable without overwhelming users with complexity.

Subaru Starlink Availability and Pricing

Subaru Starlink is available in most new Subaru models, with its services and features varying across different trim levels and packages. The availability of Starlink comes as a standard or optional feature depending on the model and the package chosen by the buyer. This allows Subaru to cater to a wide range of customer needs and preferences, ensuring that drivers can access the level of connectivity and safety features that best suits their lifestyle.

In terms of pricing, Subaru Starlink services are typically offered with a complimentary subscription period that varies in length. After this initial period, owners can choose to continue their subscription with various service packages available for an annual fee. The cost of these packages can vary, with basic safety and security services starting at a certain price point, and more comprehensive packages that include additional convenience and security features available for a higher fee. This pricing structure allows Subaru owners to select the level of service that meets their needs and budget.

It’s important for prospective and current Subaru owners to check with their local dealerships or the official Subaru website for the most up-to-date information on Starlink availability, subscription services, and pricing for their specific vehicle model and region, as these details can change and may vary by market.


Subaru Starlink brings a blend of safety, connectivity, and entertainment to the driving experience, tailored to meet modern demands. With its array of features from emergency assistance to multimedia enjoyment, Starlink enhances every journey, making it safer and more enjoyable. The system’s availability across various Subaru models and its flexible pricing ensure that drivers can access the technology that suits their lifestyle and budget.

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