Fixed: Spotify Student Verification Not Working

Spotify, renowned for its extensive music library, offers a significant discount for students. Unfortunately, many encounter the issue of “Spotify student verification not working,” which prevents them from accessing these benefits.

This article aims to explore the common causes and solutions for this frequent problem. By understanding the challenges and troubleshooting methods, students can navigate this process more effectively, ensuring they don’t miss out on Spotify’s discounted rates.

With the right approach, the enjoyment of music without financial strain can be a reality for students worldwide.

Common Causes of Verification Problems

  • Email Domain Mismatch: A primary reason for verification failure is the mismatch between the email address used for Spotify and the domain of the educational institution. Spotify checks the email domain to confirm the user’s affiliation with a recognized school​​.
  • Insufficient Documentation: Verification requires specific documents to prove student status. Failure to provide necessary items like student ID cards or official enrollment letters results in unsuccessful verification attempts​​.
  • Expired or Incorrect Details: Outdated or incorrect information provided during the verification process can lead to rejection. It’s crucial to ensure that all details, including name, university name, and the issue date of documents, are current and accurate​​.
  • Geographical Restrictions: In some regions or countries, Spotify’s student program may not be available, leading to verification difficulties for students attempting to sign up from these areas​​.
  • Unrecognized Educational Institutions: Spotify’s system might not recognize certain educational institutions, particularly newer ones or those that have undergone recent accreditation changes. This lack of recognition can impede the verification process​​.
  • Account Sharing with Non-Students: Spotify’s terms disallow the sharing of a student account with non-students. If such sharing is detected, it can cause issues with maintaining the student discount​​.

Maintaining Eligibility for Spotify Student Plan

Ensuring continuous eligibility for Spotify’s Student Plan requires attention to specific details:

  • Active Student Email Address: Central to maintaining eligibility is the use of an active student email address. This address is pivotal for Spotify to verify and confirm a user’s status as a student. If the email address expires or becomes inactive (e.g., due to graduation), Spotify may revoke access to the discounted pricing​​.
  • Regular Enrollment Checks: Spotify periodically verifies if users are still enrolled as students at an eligible institution. Changes in enrollment status, such as dropping out or taking a break from studies, could lead to the revocation of eligibility for the Student Plan. It’s important to keep this in mind, especially if there are any changes in your academic journey​​.
  • Consistent Account Information: Any modifications to the account, like updating payment methods or personal details, should ideally be done using the student email address linked to the Spotify account. This consistency helps in avoiding any discrepancies that might alert Spotify’s verification system to a change in student status​​.

Verification Methods

  • SheerID Verification: Spotify collaborates with SheerID, a third-party verification service, to authenticate student statuses efficiently. To use this method, students should visit the Spotify Student Discount page and follow the “Verify Eligibility” process. This involves providing personal details such as name and date of birth on SheerID’s website. Eligible students are then given a unique code for the discounted rate​​.
  • Using Student Discount Cards (UK-specific): In the UK, students can use their National Union of Students (NUS) Extra Card or Totum Card as proof of student status. These cards are recognized by Spotify and can be entered on the verification page to confirm eligibility for the discount​​.
  • Direct Documentation from Educational Institutions: For students who might not have access to the above methods or face issues with them, another option is to contact their university registrar’s office directly. They can request documentation verifying their full-time enrollment, along with valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. This documentation can then be uploaded to SheerID’s portal for verification​​.

How To Fix Spotify Student Verification Not Working?

When encountering issues with “Spotify student verification not working,” there are several troubleshooting steps and solutions that can be employed:

  • Verify Eligibility Criteria: Ensure that all the criteria for the Spotify student discount are met. This includes having valid proof of enrollment at an accepted educational institution. Double-check the documentation and information provided to ensure everything aligns with Spotify’s requirements​​.
  • Update Student Information: Accuracy is key in the verification process. Make sure the information provided during verification, such as name, university details, and document issue dates, is up-to-date and correct. Discrepancies in this information can be a major cause of verification failure​​.
  • Contact Spotify Support: If the verification process hits a snag, reaching out to Spotify’s support team can be very helpful. They can provide guidance through the verification steps and help resolve any issues that may arise​​.
  • Check Spam/Junk Folders: Sometimes, important communications from Spotify regarding verification might end up in the spam or junk folders of your email. Regularly checking these folders can ensure that you don’t miss out on crucial information or steps needed for successful verification​​.
  • Patience and Alternative Options: Sometimes, verification issues can arise due to high demand or technical glitches. Being patient during the process is important. Additionally, if Spotify’s student plan continues to be inaccessible, exploring other music streaming platforms offering similar benefits for students could be a viable alternative​​.


Navigating the challenges of “Spotify student verification not working” can initially seem daunting, but with the right approach and understanding of the verification process, these hurdles can be overcome. The key is to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met, including providing accurate, up-to-date information and the necessary documentation.

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