Spotify Obscurity Rating: How To Analyze Your Music Taste?

The Spotify Obscurity Rating offers an intriguing insight into the uniqueness of a user’s music preferences on Spotify.

It is a measurement that ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a more unique and obscure music taste.

This rating is especially appealing to music enthusiasts eager to understand how their taste compares with the wider Spotify user base.

How Obscurify Works?

Obscurify stands as a pivotal tool for Spotify users, delving into the depths of individual music tastes and offering an obscurity rating to showcase how niche or mainstream these preferences are. The inner workings of Obscurify are both fascinating and user-friendly, providing a unique perspective on one’s musical inclinations.

Analyzing Spotify Playlists

At the heart of Obscurify’s functionality is its ability to analyze a user’s Spotify playlists. Once a user logs in with their Spotify account, the tool links to their profile, gaining access to their listening history.

This comprehensive analysis includes songs and artists the user frequently listens to, forming the basis for the subsequent rating.

Calculating the Obscurity Rating

The core feature of Obscurify is the calculation of the obscurity rating. This rating is a percentage score, ranging from 0 to 100.

A higher score indicates a more obscure and unique music taste. How is this score determined? Obscurify examines the percentage of Spotify users who have similar listening habits, focusing on shared songs and artists.

If your music taste includes lesser-known artists and tracks, your obscurity rating will skew higher, signifying a more distinctive taste.

Personalized Music Taste Analysis

Beyond just a numerical score, Obscurify offers a nuanced view of a user’s music taste. It assesses and presents data on top genres and artists, providing insights that go beyond surface-level analysis.

This feature allows users to understand not just how unique their taste is, but also the specific contours of their musical preferences.

Reflection of User’s Uniqueness

What sets Obscurify apart is its ability to reflect a user’s uniqueness in their music selections. By comparing a user’s preferences with the vast database of Spotify users, it highlights how a user’s music taste differs from or aligns with global trends.

This comparison offers an engaging way to understand one’s position in the vast landscape of music listeners.

Features of Spotify Obscurity Rating

The Spotify Obscurity Rating is rich in features:

  • Score Interpretation: The score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a more unique music taste.
  • Music Breakdown: Users get a detailed breakdown of their top genres, artists, and songs, enhancing their understanding of their music preferences.
  • Recommendations: Based on the obscurity rating, users receive music recommendations, encouraging exploration within their preferred genres.
  • Mood Evaluation: The rating also includes a mood-based evaluation of music, categorizing songs based on emotions like happiness, energy, and sadness.
  • Profile Sharing: Users can create unique profiles based on their ratings, which they can share with friends and family.

How To Get Your Spotify Obscurity Rating?

Getting your Spotify Obscurity Rating using Obscurify is easy and quick. Here are the simplified steps:

1. Visit Obscurify Website: Open your browser and go to

2. Login with Spotify: Click on the “Login” button on the Obscurify website and sign in using your Spotify account credentials.

obscurify music

3. Consent to Data Access: After logging in, click the green “Agree” button to permit Obscurify to analyze your Spotify data.

4. View Your Rating: Obscurify will process your data and display your Spotify Obscurity Rating, along with other interesting music insights.

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    Spotify’s Obscurity Rating stands as a unique feature within the streaming giant’s platform, offering users a chance to understand and appreciate the distinctiveness of their music tastes. This rating, calculated through a detailed analysis of listening habits, provides a percentage score that reflects how your music preferences compare to the wider Spotify audience.

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