Spotify Icebergify: How to Get Your Spotify Iceberg?

In recent times, the way we interact with and showcase our music preferences has taken a fascinating turn, thanks to the advent of the Spotify Iceberg. This innovative tool has swiftly gained viral status among music enthusiasts, offering a unique and visually engaging method to reflect on one’s musical journey. But what exactly is a Spotify Iceberg?

Well, we will be exploring all about it below:

What is Spotify Iceberg?


The Spotify Iceberg is an innovative and visually captivating tool designed for music enthusiasts who use Spotify. It represents a user’s music preferences in the form of an iceberg, thus the name ‘Spotify Iceberg.’ This concept is grounded in the iceberg theory, which is often used in literature to symbolize the idea that only a small part of a larger story is visible, while the bulk remains unseen. Similarly, the Spotify Iceberg reveals the depth and breadth of a user’s music tastes, ranging from mainstream to niche artists.

Developed by Akshay Raj, the Spotify Iceberg, or Icebergify as it is also known, is a unique way to visualize and share your musical journey. It works by analyzing your listening habits on Spotify. The tool sifts through your top 50 artists over different timeframes, from the past month to several years. This data is then organized into a chart resembling an iceberg.

The most popular artists, like Taylor Swift or Harry Styles, are displayed at the tip of the iceberg, representing the music that is most visible and commonly known in your listening habits. As the iceberg descends, less mainstream, more obscure artists are revealed, symbolizing the depth of your music exploration. This descending order creates a compelling visual narrative of your music preferences, from the popular tunes that everyone knows to the hidden gems that define your unique taste.

The Spotify Iceberg thus serves as a fascinating tool for music lovers to not only explore their own musical preferences but also to share and compare these tastes with friends and the broader community. It offers an engaging and interactive way to visualize one’s musical identity, making it a viral sensation among Spotify users.

How to Get Your Spotify Iceberg?

Creating and enjoying your Spotify Iceberg is an easy and fun process. Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit Icebergify: Go to, the website where you can create your Spotify Iceberg.

2. Grant Access: Click “create yours” and allow the app to access your Spotify data. This lets it analyze your listening habits.

3. Get Your Iceberg Chart: Icebergify will use your top 50 artists from various time periods to create your iceberg, showing your most-listened-to artists at the top and less known ones below.

spotify iceburg

4. Share Your Iceberg: Once your chart is ready, you can save and share it on social media. It’s a great way to show off your music taste and discover new music through friends.

5. Troubleshoot if Needed: If you encounter any errors, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser’s cookies for


The Spotify Iceberg offers a unique and engaging way to visualize and share your music preferences. By transforming your listening history into a visually appealing iceberg chart, it not only provides insights into your musical tastes but also encourages exploration and discussion among peers. Whether you’re a fan of chart-toppers or underground artists, the Spotify Iceberg is a testament to the diverse and personal nature of music listening experiences. Apart from this, you might also want to know your Spotify Obscurity Rating.

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