Red Dot Under Home Icon Instagram [Explained]

Often, while using Instagram, you probably have come across a red dot icon under your Home icon. The icon also occasionally shifts to your User profile. So the question is, what is this red dot under Home icon Instagram?

Well, if you are wondering the same, then here is a detailed explanation:

What is the Red Dot Under Home Icon on Instagram?

The ‘Red Dot Under Home Icon’ is a small, conspicuous red dot that sometimes appears under the Home icon on your Instagram app. It has left many users puzzled, sparking numerous discussions and speculations across the Instagram community.

To comprehend the significance of this red dot, we must first understand Instagram’s notification system. Over the years, Instagram has evolved its notification features to keep users informed about various activities on the platform. This includes likes, comments, follows, and direct messages. However, the introduction of the ‘Red Dot’ has taken these notifications to a new level.

When and Why Does It Appear?

The ‘Red Dot Under Home Icon’ typically appears when you have unopened direct messages or new story updates from users you follow. Its purpose is to alert you to recent activity on your account that you might want to check out.

Decoding the Red Dot: What It Signifies

Unread Direct Messages: The most common reason for the ‘Red Dot’ is unopened direct messages (DMs). When someone sends you a message on Instagram, and you haven’t read it yet, the red dot will appear under the Home icon. This serves as a gentle nudge to remind you to check your DMs.

New Story Updates: Another reason for the red dot is new story updates from users you follow. If someone you follow posts a new story, the red dot will signal its presence. This feature encourages users to stay engaged with the content their connections are sharing.

How to Clear the Red Dot?

Now that you know what triggers the ‘Red Dot Under Home Icon,’ let’s explore how to clear it. To clear the red dot, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Go to your inbox by tapping the paper airplane icon in the top right corner.
  • Read and respond to any unopened messages.
  • Return to your home feed, and the red dot should disappear.

The Importance of Staying Updated

The red dot is a helpful reminder to stay connected with your Instagram network. By regularly checking your DMs and staying up-to-date with stories, you can maintain meaningful interactions and engagement with your followers.


In the world of Instagram, even the smallest visual cues like the ‘Red Dot Under Home Icon’ can carry significant meaning. It serves as a gentle reminder to connect with your friends and followers through direct messages and stay engaged with the stories they share.

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