MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver – Which One Should You Buy?

MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver: MacBook Air is one of the best entry-level notebooks out there. It offers excellent battery life and offers effective performance for day-to-day tasks.

However, it’s not an ideal choice for users looking for extreme power consumption. But it can help anyone who has little or a bit higher computing requirements.

Both MacBook Air M2 and M1 come with four color options – Midnight, Starlight, Space Gray, and Silver. However, among the users, Space Gray and Silver are two of the popular choices. So MacBook Air Space Grey Vs Silver – which one should you be choosing?

Although, the color of the MacBook does not really have any impact on the performance or specifications. But it is surely something to consider for the aesthetics.

MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver: The Debate

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Both Space Gray and Silver color have their own benefits, and they are unique on their own terms. Also, there are fans for both the MacBook Air colors.

If we talk about the technical terms, MacBooks in Silver or Space grey are wrapped in recycled aluminum, and both the colors look pretty premium.

Thanks to aluminum wrapping, your MacBook can easily deal with day to day wear and tear. However, Silver is a better option as it hides scratches, but Space gray is more effective at hiding darker scruffs.

Additionally, some users pointed out that Space Grey MacBook faced scratching issues that led to an exposure of bare aluminum underneath.

But since most users are going to use a protective case for their MacBook, they are already protecting their MacBook against scratches. So in case if you don’t plan to use a protective case for your MacBook yet, the Silver color would be a good choice.

However, Space Grey is a new color introduced by Apple. So if you want a modern day look for your Laptop, then Space gray is what you should pick. Also, it kind of adds a dark color to your Laptop, which most users prefer. But if you like light colors more, going with Silver color would be a better option.

In the end, the conversation ends at one’s personal taste. However, Apple might sell the Space Grey model at a higher price compared to Silver as it is an exclusive color. So this is another point to be taken into consideration.

In short, Space Gray looks classy and modern, and it is the favorite color among users in today’s time. But silver hides scratches, and the color looks pretty nice, too, and you might find MacBook Air Silver at a lower price compared to the Space Grey.

Does the space grey MacBook scratch?

Yes, the Space grey MacBook does scratch. However, the scratch can be seen across any color options for MacBook. To protect your MacBook against scratches, it is recommended to use a protective case or skin.

Is space grey darker than silver?

Yes, the Space grey is a bit darker than the MacBook Air Silver model. However, the difference between the two color choices is not that big.


So that was all for the MacBook Air Space Grey vs Silver debate. Both the color options have their pros and cons, and it is up to your personal taste. The silver grey MacBook Air looks modern and classy. But with Silver, the scratches on your MacBook will be less visible.

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