How to Insert Line Breaks on Instagram? (3 Quick Methods)

Instagram only allows 150 characters in your bio, so making every character count is essential. One trick to optimize your limited space is to use line breaks. Adding line breaks in your Instagram bio lets you separate different pieces of info, making it more scannable and visually appealing.

This article will explain exactly how to insert line breaks on Instagram to craft an optimized Instagram bio with line breaks.

3 Easy Ways To Add Instagram Bio Line Break

1. Using the Notes App

You can use the Notes app on your phone to add line breaks in your Instagram bio. And here is how to do it:

  • Open Notes App: Start by opening the Notes app on your device.
  • Type Your Bio: Write your bio in the Notes app, adding line breaks where needed by pressing the return key.
  • Copy: Once your bio is formatted correctly, select and copy the entire text.
  • Paste in Instagram: Go to your Instagram profile, tap “Edit Profile,” and then paste your bio into the bio section.
  • Adjust if Needed: After pasting, make any necessary adjustments directly in Instagram to ensure the formatting looks as intended.
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2. Custom Fonts and Third-Party Apps

To add custom fonts and utilize third-party apps for creating an Instagram bio that stands out, consider the following approach:

Custom Fonts

  • Explore Font Generators: Websites like FontSpace, CoolFont, or Instagram Fonts offer a variety of custom fonts. These platforms allow you to type your bio text and then transform it into unique styles.
  • Copy and Paste: After choosing your desired font, copy the stylized text from the font generator website and paste it into your Instagram bio section. This method instantly elevates the look of your profile.

Third-Party Apps

  • PostBuilder and Similar Apps: Tools like PostBuilder provide options to customize your bio with different fonts and formats. After designing your bio within these apps, you can copy and paste the formatted text into Instagram​​.
  • Bio-Specific Apps: There are apps dedicated to enhancing Instagram bios, offering features like creative fonts, symbols, and even layout designs. Look for apps with high ratings and positive reviews for reliability.
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3. Special Characters and Emojis

Using special characters and emojis in your Instagram bio is a creative way to add personality and visual separation between sections or elements of your bio. Here’s a simple guide on how to effectively incorporate these elements:

Using Special Characters

  • Choose Your Characters: Select special characters like dots (•), dashes (-), or underscores (_) as separators. These can help to create clear divisions between different parts of your bio.
  • Insertion: Place your chosen character at the end of a sentence or section where you want a line break. Follow it with a space before starting the next line. This method visually separates the text, making your bio easier to read.

Incorporating Emojis

  • Select Emojis: Choose emojis that reflect your personality, interests, or the nature of your content. Emojis can also serve as bullet points or spacers.
  • Placement: Use emojis at the beginning of lines to draw attention or between sections as fun separators. They add color and personality, making your bio more engaging.


Using line breaks in your Instagram bio is a great way to organize your content and maximize the 150-character limit. Separating your bio into scannable sections with line breaks allows you to highlight your key info and make it pop. When adding line breaks on Instagram, just be sure that you are inserting true line breaks and not odd characters.

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