How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

Instagram, the ultra-popular photo-and-video sharing app, has become an integral part of our digital lives. With its growing user base, the platform has seen an increase in interpersonal dynamics, leading to a surge in privacy concerns and actions. One such action is the ability to block other users. This has led to a common query among its users: How to see who blocked you on Instagram?

Although, there is no direct way to find out who blocked you on the app. Some workarounds will help you find it out:

The Reality of Finding Out Who Blocked You

Instagram values user privacy. As a result, it doesn’t provide any direct feature that lists out users who have blocked you. This design is intentional, ensuring that users feel safe and in control of their interactions on the platform.

However, the digital age is rife with solutions and workarounds. Several third-party apps and online services claim to offer insights into who has blocked you on Instagram. Often many, apps claims to let you see who blocked you, often for a fee. But, as with many things on the internet, not everything is as it seems.

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

Being blocked on Instagram can be a subtle experience, as the platform doesn’t send any notifications or alerts. However, there are several telltale signs that can help you deduce if someone has blocked you.

Let’s explore these signs:

1. Profile Visibility

  • Before Being Blocked: When you access someone’s profile, you can typically see all their content, including photos, videos, and stories. This visibility is standard for public accounts and private accounts that have accepted your follow request.
  • After Being Blocked: If someone blocks you, their profile undergoes a significant change from your perspective. Their timeline of photos, videos, and highlights will appear empty. It will seem as if they have no posts, even if you remember them having content previously.

2. Follow Button Issues

  • Observation: If you were previously following the person or attempt to follow them after suspecting a block, you might encounter anomalies with the “Follow” button. When you try to tap on it, the button might appear unresponsive. It may seem to “bug out” or refuse to change to “Following.”
  • Implication: This behavior can be a strong indication of being blocked, as Instagram prevents blocked users from following the person who blocked them.

3. Search Anomalies

  • Observation: One of the quickest ways to check if someone has blocked you is to use the search function. After being blocked, searching for the person’s username might yield no results. Their profile won’t appear in your search suggestions or results.
  • Implication: While this can be a sign of being blocked, it’s essential to note that the user might have also changed their username or deactivated their account. So, this sign alone isn’t conclusive.

4. Direct URL Access

  • Observation: If you remember the exact URL of the person’s Instagram profile, you can try accessing it directly via a web browser. After being blocked, this direct access might lead you to an error page. The error message might read, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”
  • Implication: This error can be a strong indication of being blocked. However, it’s also possible that the user has deactivated their account or changed their username. So, it’s always good to cross-check with other signs.

While these signs can provide valuable insights, it’s essential to approach the situation with an open mind. There could be various reasons for the observations, including technical glitches like an unexpected error occurred Instagram or the user making changes to their account. Always consider multiple signs together for a more accurate understanding.

How To Verify the Block?

While the signs mentioned in the previous section can give you a good indication, it’s essential to verify your suspicions before jumping to conclusions. Here’s how you can get a more definitive answer:

  • Ask a Friend:
    • Method: One of the most straightforward ways to verify if you’ve been blocked is to ask a friend or use a different Instagram handle to check the suspected person’s profile. If they can access the profile, see posts, and follow the user without any issues, it’s a strong indication that you’ve been blocked.
    • Implication: This method provides a clear contrast between your experience and another user’s, helping confirm the block.
  • Profile Privacy Consideration:
    • Observation: Remember that if the suspected user has a private account and your friend wasn’t following them previously, they might not see the posts even if you aren’t blocked.
    • Implication: Ensure that the verifying account was either already following the suspected user or that the suspected user has a public profile.
  • Direct Communication:
    • Method: If you have another way of communicating with the person outside of Instagram (like phone, email, or another social platform), you can politely inquire. However, approach this method with caution and sensitivity. Respect their decision if they chose to block you and avoid confrontation.
    • Implication: Direct communication can provide clarity, but it’s essential to prioritize respect and understanding in the conversation.


So that was all for your question about how to see who blocked you on Instagram. Although, there is no straightforward way to find out all the people who blocked you on the app. But the above-mentioned signs will help you find out if your close friends or any other person blocked you or not.

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