How to Pause Facebook & Instagram Reels Phone and PC?

Facebook & Instagram have become two of the popular choices for watching short-form content. While using and navigating through Reels on both Facebook and Instagram is super easy and need a no-brainer. Some users complained, Why can’t I pause reels anymore on Facebook?

While pausing reels on both social networks is easy. But if you are wondering how to pause Facebook reels, then let me help you with a quick guide.

Why Can’t I Pause Reels Anymore on Facebook?

Facebook or Instagram didn’t retire the pausing Instagram reels functionality at all. Instead, there are a couple of reasons why you are not being able to pause reels on Facebook.

First, Facebook has changed the app functionality and implemented something new. As a result, you are not being able to pause Instagram reels.

Alternatively, you are using an older version of the app which might not be compatible with Reels current requirements. So updating your app might fix the issue.

How to Pause Facebook Reels?

pause instagram reels pc

The pause option isn’t gone from the Facebook reels. You can use pause Facebook reels on both your phone and your PC. And here is how to do that:

On Android/iPhone:

  • Launch Facebook App on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Watch icon at the bottom.
  • Go to the Reels tab.
  • Now tap anywhere on the video, and it should be paused. And when you tap on it back, the video will resume.

On PC:

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Click on Reels, located at the top.
  • Now when the reel starts playing, you will find a small pause button at the top corner.
pause facebook reels pc
  • Click on it to pause or resume your video.

How to Pause Instagram Reels?

Pausing reels on Instagram isn’t as straightforward as pausing reels on Facebook.

On Android/iPhone:

  • Launch the Instagram app from your phone.
  • Go to reels.
  • Now to pause an IG reel, tap and hold on the screen. And the reel will get paused.
  • To resume the reel, lift up your finger.

On PC:

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • From the sidebar, click on Reels.
  • To pause a reel, click anywhere on the video. To resume the reel back, click on the video again.
pause instagram reels pc

Why Can’t I Pause Instagram Videos Anymore?

Instagram has probably changed how Reels function on the app, and when you are using the old method, it might not be working. However, the latest way to pause Instagram videos is to press and hold onto the video. And to resume back the video, lift up your finger.

How to Pause an Instagram Story Without Holding the Button?

Unfortunately, there is no way to pause an Instagram story without holding the button. One good reason behind this could be that Instagram tried to keep the interface and its features very clean and to the point.


So that was all for how to pause reels on Facebook or Instagram. To get rid of any Reels related issue you can update your Facebook or Instagram app. Also, you can check if Instagram or Facebook made any changes to their app functionality.

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