How to Connect Blink Camera and Doorbell to Alexa? [Quick Guide]

Did you know that you can connect your blink camera and blink doorbell to Alexa to monitor your home devices conveniently?

Connecting your Blink cameras and doorbell to Alexa allows you to view live feeds, arm and disarm your system, and receive notifications through Echo devices. It’s a convenient way to monitor your home security through voice commands.

Unfortunately, connecting the Blink camera to Alexa is quite technical. However, you do not have to worry. After reading this article, with just a few steps, you can link your Blink devices to Alexa for whole-home awareness.

Benefits of Connecting Blink to Alexa

Before connecting Blink Doorbell to Alexa, let’s have a look at the benefits of linking Blink products to your alexa.

These are the many benefits of connecting your Blink cameras and doorbell to Alexa:

  • Voice control – You can view camera feeds, arm/disarm your system, and receive alerts with simple voice commands using your Echo devices. Just say “Alexa, show the front door” to view the live feed.
  • Visual monitoring – See live camera feeds from Blink cameras and doorbells directly on the screen of your Echo Show. Check-in on your home anytime.
  • Notifications – Get notifications on your Echo devices when motion is detected or someone rings your Blink doorbell. Alexa will announce the activity for added awareness.
  • Two-way audio – Speak with visitors at your door by using the two-way audio function between your Echo device and Blink doorbell camera.
  • Routines – Create customized Alexa routines such as “Alexa, someone’s at the door” to show the live feed when your Blink doorbell detects motion.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Blink Cameras to Alexa

Connecting your Blink indoor and outdoor security cameras to the Alexa app takes just a few minutes:

  1. Open the Alexa app – On your smartphone, open up the Alexa app. Tap on the More icon in the bottom right.
  2. Enable Blink skill – Go to Skills & Games. Search for “Blink” and tap Enable to link the Blink skill to Alexa.
  3. Sign in to Blink account – Sign in to your Blink account so Alexa can access your cameras.
  4. Add Blink in Devices – Go to Devices, tap the + icon, and select Add Device. Choose Blink from the list and sign in to your Blink account again if needed.
  5. Discover cameras – Alexa will now discover Blink cameras connected to your account and sync the video feeds.
  6. View feeds – Once linked, just say “Alexa, show the [camera name]” to view live feeds through your Echo Show. You can also create routines in the Alexa app to show the feeds on motion detection.
link blink to alexa

And that’s it! In just a few minutes, you can successfully connect your Blink indoor and outdoor security cameras to Alexa for easy voice control and visual monitoring throughout your home.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Blink Doorbell to Alexa

Connecting your Blink video doorbell to Alexa enables additional functionality like announcements, notifications, and two-way audio:

  1. Enable announcements – In the Blink app, go to Settings > Alexa and turn on Alexa announcements for your doorbell.
  2. Enable notifications – In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Notifications > Amazon Alexa and enable announcements to your Echo devices.
  3. Get notifications – When someone presses your Blink doorbell, Alexa will now make an announcement on your Echo devices.
  4. See the feed – Just say “Alexa, answer the front door” or “Alexa, show the front door camera” to view the doorbell feed on your Echo Show.
  5. Two-way audio – You can now speak to visitors through your Echo device with your Blink doorbell’s two-way audio function.
blink camera linked to alexa

Connecting your Blink doorbell camera to Alexa takes just minutes and allows you to monitor your front door completely hands-free. You’ll enjoy convenient voice controls, notifications, and two-way communication thanks to the native integration between Blink and Alexa.

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Tips for Managing Blink Devices in Alexa

Here are some useful tips for managing your connected Blink devices through the Alexa app:

  • Rename cameras – In the Devices section, tap on your Blink camera and rename it for easier voice commands like “Alexa, show the front door.”
  • Create groups – Group your Blink cameras together in the Alexa app for simplified monitoring like “Alexa, show downstairs cameras.”
  • Set up routines – Use Alexa routines to have your Echo Show display specific Blink cameras when motion is detected or your doorbell rings.
  • Adjust motion settings – Fine-tune motion detection zones and sensitivity in the Blink app so you only get important alerts.
  • Enable travel mode – Use Blink’s travel mode when away and get alerts on your Echo devices if motion or activity is detected at home.
  • Check activity log – See all system events and notifications in the Activity Log of the Blink app to review any motion clips or doorbell rings.

Taking a little time to manage your settings, create groups, and set up routines will optimize your experience monitoring Blink with Alexa.


Connecting your Blink smart security cameras and video doorbell to Alexa provides effortless monitoring and management through simple voice commands. With real-time views, customizable alerts, and two-way audio, you’ll have complete visibility into activity at home.

In just a few quick steps, you can link your Blink devices to Alexa for hands-free home awareness. The native integration allows you to easily view live feeds, answer your door, customize notifications, and arm/disarm your system using Echo Show and other Alexa-enabled devices.

Experience next-level home security monitoring by connecting Blink to Alexa today!

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