Why is My Blink Doorbell Flashing Red? – Quick Fix

Blink Doorbell has been very helpful for people who are conscious about their privacy. But like all smart devices, they also come with a few problems. One problem is the doorbell Flashing Red.

Seeing your Blink video doorbell randomly flashing a red light can be worrying. But in most cases, a red blinking doorbell light simply indicates a minor issue that’s easy to fix.

This article will explain what a blinking red light means on your Blink doorbell camera and walk through troubleshooting tips to stop the flashing. If you have a Blink Camera that is blinking red, then read this article.

What Does a Blinking Red Light Mean on a Blink Doorbell?

When your Blink doorbell camera begins flashing a red LED light, this typically signals one of the following issues:

  • Low battery power – This is the most common reason. The battery needs to be recharged when the light blinks red.
  • Power connection problem – If the doorbell isn’t making full contact with the mounting plate, it can cause a poor power connection.
  • WiFi connectivity loss – Red flashing could indicate the doorbell camera has temporarily lost connection to your WiFi network.
  • Overheating – If the device overheats in hot conditions, it may flash red and enter an error mode.
  • Hardware malfunction – In rare cases, a constantly blinking red light could mean a hardware issue with the doorbell itself.

If you see a solid red light, that means the battery has completely died. It will need immediate charging to restart the Blink doorbell camera.

How to Troubleshoot and Stop a Blink Doorbell Red Light from Flashing

Try these step-by-step troubleshooting tips if your Blink doorbell has a flashing or blinking red LED light:

Recharge the Battery

Blink doorbell battery

The most common reason a Blink doorbell flashes red is a low battery. Begin troubleshooting by removing the battery from the doorbell and charging it using the included USB cable for at least 1 hour.

Once fully recharged, reinsert the battery into your Blink doorbell. Hopefully, the red flashing light has now stopped.

Read this guide to know how to replace blink camera batteries and also how to extend the battery.

Check for Connection Issues

Check Network Status

In the Blink app, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and confirm your doorbell camera shows a strong connection to your wireless network. If not, try moving the WiFi router closer to improve the signal strength. The doorbell may flash red when wireless connectivity is low.

Tighten the Mounting Plate Screw

It’s possible for the screw affixing the Blink doorbell mounting plate to the wall to come loose over time. This can cause connection or power issues that make the light blink red. Use a screwdriver to tighten the mounting screw for a snug, vibration-free fit.

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Adjust the Placement of the Chime Connector

If you’re using the Blink plug-in chime module, make sure it’s close to the doorbell and securely plugged into an indoor electrical outlet. Move the chime connector closer or try another nearby outlet to rule out any issues.

Factory Reset Your Device

Reset Blink Camera

Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Factory Reset in the Blink app to reset your doorbell camera to default settings. Follow the in-app setup process again from scratch. Often a factory reset will resolve persistent flashing red light problems.

Contact Blink Customer Support

If no amount of troubleshooting stops the red light blinking, it’s best to contact Blink’s customer support team. Through live chat or by phone, Blink Support can diagnose hardware faults or software glitches causing the red flashing light. They can ship a replacement if needed.

What Does a Solid Red Light Mean on Blink?

If your Blink doorbell camera shows a solid, non-blinking red LED light, this signifies the battery has fully depleted its charge. When the battery dies, the light will remain solid red instead of flashing. You’ll need to remove and charge the battery immediately to revive the doorbell and get it working again.

A solid red light means the doorbell has shut off since the battery reached zero percent. Follow the charging steps above to repower your Blink doorbell after seeing a solid red status light.

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Conclusion: Most Blink Red Light Issues are Easy to Fix

Now you know what a blinking or solid red light means on your Blink video doorbell camera.

In most cases, simply recharging the battery or adjusting the fit of the mounting plate will get your doorbell working properly again. But for any lingering red light issues, resetting the device or contacting Blink Support should do the trick.

With this helpful troubleshooting guide, you can quickly diagnose and resolve a red flashing Blink doorbell.

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