Does Instagram notify you when you view a profile?

As an Instagram user, you might someday wonder if Instagram notifies you when you view a profile. This is a common question among users who would like to know if they can know if someone stalked their Instagram account or people who often stalk other users on Instagram.

However, not to worry as I will be explaining every bit of it below:

Does Instagram Notify You When You View a Profile?

Instagram, like most social media platforms, values user privacy. According to their official policy, they do not notify users when someone views their profile. This means that you can browse through someone’s Instagram feed, check their photos, and go through their stories without them receiving any notifications.

The Viewers List: Fact or Fiction?

One rumor that often circulates is the existence of a “viewers list” on Instagram. It’s believed that this list reveals the usernames of people who have recently viewed your profile. However, this is purely a myth. Instagram does not provide such a feature to users.

Third-Party Apps and Scams

While Instagram itself does not notify users of profile views, some third-party apps claim to offer this functionality. Be cautious when encountering such apps. They often require access to your account, compromising your privacy and security. Moreover, they may not even work as advertised.

Story Views Are Different

On Instagram Stories, you can see who has viewed your story. However, this is different from profile views. When someone views your story, they’ll appear on the “Seen by” list, but this doesn’t extend to regular profile visits.

Instagram Business Profiles

If you have an Instagram Business Profile, you can access insights about your followers and their interactions. This includes data on your posts’ reach and engagement. However, this information is anonymous and doesn’t reveal specific users who have viewed your profile.

Privacy Settings

Instagram allows users to customize their privacy settings. You can make your account private, meaning only your approved followers can see your content. This adds an extra layer of privacy and control.


In conclusion, Instagram does not notify you when someone views your profile. The popular myth of a “viewers list” is simply not true, and third-party apps claiming to offer this feature should be avoided. Instagram values user privacy, and while you can see who viewed your stories, regular profile visits remain private. Remember to adjust your privacy settings according to your comfort level to maintain control over your Instagram experience.

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