Do Blink Outdoor Cameras Have Night Vision?

When it comes to protecting your home from intruders, Blink cameras are known for doing their job perfectly. They are one of the top choices for security cameras, and they rightly do so – thanks to the number of features Blink cameras offers.

However, one common question among Blink outdoor camera users is Do blink outdoor cameras have night vision?

Blink Outdoor cameras comes with an HD security camera that features infrared night vision. As a result, the camera can help you monitor your home day or night without going blacked out.

Does Blink Outdoor Camera Have Night Vision?

Does Blink Outdoor Camera Have Night Vision

Yes, the Blink Outdoor camera (3rd generation) comes with night vision capabilities. Along with that, it is equipped with a 1080p HD video camera that allows you to record and view clear images during the day and with infrared HD night vision after dark.

The feature ensures that the camera can continue to monitor your property and surroundings even in complete darkness.

Also, there is no need to manually switch to the night vision mode as the outdoor camera will automatically do so when the ambient light levels drop below a certain threshold.

How Does Blink Outdoor Camera’s Night Vision Work?

Blink Outdoor Cameras use infrared LEDs to provide the necessary illumination for night vision. Also, the camera functions on it’s own by detecting low-light conditions.

When the ambient light levels drops a certain percentage, the equipped LEDs emit infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by the camera’s image sensor. The camera then processes this infrared light to create a black-and-white image, effectively enabling night vision.

How Far Can Blink Outdoor Cameras See in the Dark?

Blink Outdoor Cameras usually have a night vision range of up to 20 to 30 feet in complete darkness. In this range, the camera is said to capture clear footage of people, objects, or activities. Also, it can detect motions up to 30 feet in complete darkness.

Setting Up Night Vision on Blink Outdoor Camera

As mentioned earlier, the night vision functionality on the Blink outdoor camera runs on its own. This means there is absolutely no need to set up anything. Instead, it comes with pre-configured settings that will automatically activate the night vision mode when the light levels are low.

However, you can use the Blink app to adjust different elements of the camera, such as image quality, FPS, sensitivity, and so on.

Tips for Optimal Night Vision Performance

To help your Blink Outdoor camera record properly in night vision, these are some tips that you can follow:

  • Make sure to place the camera in areas with minimal obstruction and clear lines of sight.
  • You should avoid placing the camera directly towards bright light sources like garden lights. As these lights can affect the image quality, and you may not get a proper image.
  • You can also regularly clean the camera’s lens and infrared LEDs to maintain clear visibility.


Blink Outdoor Cameras does come with night vision capabilities. Also, using the camera is extremely easy as it comes with pre-configured settings. If you are thinking of getting yourself the Blink Outdoor camera, go ahead and do so.

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