Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Post? A Deep Dive

Instagram is undeniably one of the most popular social media apps in today’s digital age. It is the best platform to share your content, connect with friends and followers, or promote your business. However, as an Instagram user, you might want to see who saved your Instagram post.

You might want to know this because of a wide range of reasons. Like you are curious if someone is stalking you or to figure out if your content is save-worthy.

No matter what your reason is, here is a complete explanation:

Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you might think you know all its nooks and crannies. But the platform is always evolving, always introducing new features, some of which might not be immediately obvious to the everyday user.

One such lesser-known feature allows you to see how many people have saved your photos. It’s a fantastic metric, especially for influencers and businesses, as it gives a clear indication of which posts resonate most with the audience.

A high save count often means that your post provided value, be it in the form of information, aesthetics, or entertainment, compelling users to come back to it later.

However, there’s a catch. This feature isn’t available to just any Instagram account. To access this goldmine of data, you need to switch to an Instagram Business Profile. But don’t fret; the process is pretty straightforward.

How To Switch To an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram’s Business Profile isn’t just a fancy title; it’s a gateway to a plethora of features designed specifically for brands, influencers, and businesses. One of these coveted features is the ability to see how many users have saved your posts. But before we dive into the ‘how-to’, let’s understand why you might want to make the switch.

To switch to a Business profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and Navigate to Your Profile: Tap on the profile icon, usually located at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Access Settings: Tap on the three horizontal lines (often referred to as the ‘hamburger’ icon) in the top right corner of your profile. From the slide-out menu, select ‘Settings’ at the bottom.
  3. Switch to Business: Within settings, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Account’. Tap on it. Scroll down, and you’ll see an option that says ‘Switch to Professional Account’. Tap on that.
  4. Choose Your Category: Instagram will prompt you to choose a category that best describes what you do. This could be anything from ‘Blogger’ to ‘Retailer’. Choose the one that aligns best with your brand or content.
  5. Connect to a Facebook Business Page (Optional): Instagram will ask if you want to connect to a Facebook business page. This step is optional, but it can be beneficial if you’re looking to integrate your Instagram and Facebook marketing efforts.
  6. Add Contact Details: Finally, you’ll be prompted to add contact details. This could be an email address, phone number, or physical address. Remember, this information will be public, so only share what you’re comfortable with.

Viewing Insights on Saved Photos

Instagram’s Business Profile is more than just a professional badge; it’s a window into the performance of your content. One of the most sought-after metrics is the insight into how many users have saved your photos. But how do you access this information? Let’s dive in.

Steps to View Insights on a Photo:

  1. Navigate to Your Profile: Start by tapping on your profile picture or icon, usually located at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Select the Desired Post: Browse through your posts and tap on the one you wish to view insights for.
  3. Tap ‘View Insights’: Beneath your post, you’ll find the ‘View Insights’ option. It’s typically represented by a bar chart icon. A simple tap will reveal a wealth of information about your post.

Breaking Down the Insights:

  • Saved Count: This is the number of times users have saved your post to their collections. It’s a clear indicator of the value and impact of your content. A high save count often signifies that your post resonated with your audience, compelling them to revisit it later.
  • Reach: This metric shows the total number of unique users who have seen your post. It gives you an idea of the breadth of your post’s visibility.
  • Profile Visits: Ever wondered if your post compelled users to check out your profile? This metric has the answer. It shows the number of times users visited your profile after viewing the post. A high number here can indicate compelling content that piques users’ curiosity about your brand or profile.


So that was the answer to your question: can you see who saved your Instagram post? Although there is no way to pinpoint a user who saved your photos. But if you are a content creator or trying to promote your business on the platform, then turning on a Business profile will definitely come in handy. 

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