How to Fix Blink Camera Thumbnail Failed?

Blink Cameras are one of the best home security gadgets. However they also have their issues. Some of them are authentication failed, live view failed, blink camera thumbnail failed, etc

Seeing a ‘Thumbnail Failed’ error message under your Blink camera footage can be annoying. It means the thumbnail image has failed to load properly in the Blink app. While you can still view the full video clip, the thumbnail image will be unavailable.

This article explains common causes for Blink thumbnail errors and the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

What Causes the Thumbnail Failed Error for Blink?

There are a few typical culprits that lead to ‘Thumbnail Failed’ errors on Blink app camera footage:

  • Weak internet connection – Slow WiFi speeds or poor router signal strength results in loading errors.
  • Outdated Blink app – An old app version with bugs can cause thumbnail failures.
  • Outdated camera firmware – Blink needs the latest firmware for thumbnail generation.
  • Blink server issues – Problems with Blink’s cloud servers prevent thumbnail creation.
  • Camera hardware faults – Bad camera hardware like the image sensor can lead to failed thumbnails.

Even with a ‘Thumbnail Failed’ error, you are still able to view the full video footage by tapping on the clip in the Blink app. But let’s look at the best ways to troubleshoot and prevent thumbnail errors from happening in the first place.

How to Fix Blink Camera Thumbnail Failed Errors?

Follow these troubleshooting steps if your Blink cameras show ‘Thumbnail Failed’:

1. Check your internet speeds and router connection

Why is My WiFi slow scaled

Use a speed test site to confirm your WiFi network has adequate bandwidth. Also, move the Blink camera closer to your router if the signal seems weak.

2. Update to the latest Blink app version

Go to your device’s app store and check for any Blink app updates. Install the latest version which may contain thumbnail bug fixes.

3. Update your camera firmware

In the Blink app menu, check the firmware version of each camera. Initiate a firmware update that will install the newest fixes. It will also help prevent blink cameras from being hacked.

4. Reinstall the Blink app

If thumbnails still fail, delete and reinstall the Blink app from the app store. Set up your cameras again from scratch.

5. Factory reset the Blink camera

Reset Blink Camera

For persistent issues, factory reset your Blink camera through the Advanced Settings in the Blink app. Then set up the camera again.

6. Contact Blink Support

If the ‘Thumbnail Failed’ error continues even after troubleshooting, reach out to Blink’s customer support team for further assistance.

Following this tip sequence will help identify and resolve any root causes of thumbnail generation failures on your Blink system.

Preventing Future Blink Camera Thumbnail Errors

You can avoid those annoying ‘Thumbnail Failed’ errors in the first place by:

  • Optimizing camera placement – Position Blink cameras closer to your WiFi router or range extender for a strong signal.
  • Regularly updating the Blink app and firmware – Check for updates often to maintain compatibility and get the latest enhancements.
  • Monitoring Blink system status – Check for any known service issues causing thumbnail disruption.
  • Recharging batteries frequently – Don’t let camera batteries fully drain, which can cause temporary connection loss.
  • Contacting support promptly – If an error lasts over 24 hours, contact Blink for troubleshooting help right away.

FAQs about Fixing Blink Thumbnail Issues

Here are some frequently asked questions about resolving Blink camera thumbnail errors:

Why does my Blink say the thumbnail failed?

The ‘Thumbnail Failed’ error occurs when the Blink app is unable to generate the thumbnail image preview of your camera footage. This is typically due to internet, app, firmware, or server-related issues.

Can I view the full video if the thumbnail failed?

Yes, you can still view the full footage clip even if the thumbnail preview fails to load. Tap on the footage thumbnail to open the video player.

How long does it take to regenerate thumbnails?

Once you’ve fixed the root cause, it may take up to 24 hours for new thumbnails to fully regenerate in the Blink app. Thumbnails are generated after each new motion event.

Should I delete footage with failed thumbnails?

No need to delete footage with thumbnail errors. The original video files are intact on Blink’s cloud servers. Only the thumbnail previews fail to generate.

What happens if I factory reset my Blink camera?

Factory resetting your Blink camera will erase all settings and history from the device. You’ll need to fully set up the camera again from scratch after a reset.


With this comprehensive guide, you should now understand the common Blink thumbnail failure causes and helpful troubleshooting tips. To quickly resolve ‘Thumbnail Failed’ errors, start by checking your WiFi signal, updating firmware, and reinstalling the Blink app. With consistent connectivity and updated software, you’ll avoid thumbnail issues.

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