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Music on Instagram plays a crucial role in leveling up your Insta game. Got a bomb photo to post? Use a good track to describe it and make your content more engaging.

However, often, while trying to use a song on Instagram, you may encounter the ‘This song is currently unavailable’ error or the Audio unavailable Instagram error.

As a result, you cannot use the track to your posts or stories or make reels using it. So, how do you get rid of the error?

Well, here are a few quick solutions that you can try out:

Why Is Audio Unavailable on Instagram?

First, let’s understand what this unavailable audio means. When you encounter the “This song is currently unavailable on Instagram” error, it simply means that the song you want to use is not accessible now. And it can happen because of multiple reasons, such as:

  • Copyright Issue: One of the main reasons why a song might not be available on Instagram is copyright. The music label or the song maker can make the audio unavailable on certain platforms like Instagram.
  • Regional Availability: Music labels also has the right to make their songs available only in certain regions. So there is a good chance that the song you wish to use is not available in your country. However, to confirm this, you can try using a VPN and see if you can use the song for your story, post, or reels.
  • Account Type Limits: If you are using an Instagram business account, then these types of accounts usually have strict copyright laws. As a result, for business Instagram profile users, certain songs might not be available. To check this, you can turn off your business account on Instagram and see if it works.

How to Fix Audio Unavailable on Instagram Error?

1. Update Instagram App

Starting with the very basics, first, update your Instagram app. This will ensure that you are not getting this song. It is currently an unavailable error due to some Instagram bugs or glitches.

To update your Instagram app, you need to go to the Play Store if you are an Android user or the App Store if you are using iOS.

Then search for the Instagram app and click on Update button to update the app. If you don’t see an update button, your app is already up to date.

In case, the app is not updating check this quick guide on why Instagram is not updating.

2. Use the Save Audio Feature

You can also save the unavailable song from other people’s reels and then use it for your own content. To do so, follow these below steps:

  • Launch the Instagram app and go to Reels.
  • Now, start scrolling through the reels until you find the song you wish to use.
  • Tap on the song name located at the bottom of your screen.
instagram reels audio unavailable
  • Next, tap on the Save icon to save the song in your music library.
the song is currently unavailable instagram
  • After that, click on + icon to post a photo or reel and follow the screen instructions.
  • Once you get the Add music option, tap on it.
instagram audio unavailable
  • Tap on Saved and then select the saved track to use in your Instagram content.
why is audio unavailable on instagram

3. Use A VPN

As mentioned earlier, Music labels have the right to make their songs unavailable in certain regions. Hence, you might not be able to use a specific song in your track. However, to fix this, you try using a VPN and then change your location to some other country, and after that, check if you can use the song or not.

There are many good VPN apps available for both Android and iOS devices. However, if you want a recommendation, take a look at Windscribe.

4. Use A Video Editing App

If you cannot find the song on Instagram to create a reel, you can always use a video editing tool to edit your reel outside of Instagram. Once you are done creating your content, all you have to do is upload it.

You can use a YouTube to MP3 converter to get the song of your choice. After that, use an app like InShot and combine the video and audio track, and you are all set.


The audio unavailable Instagram error can be an irritating one. However, you can always use a video editor to edit your reels outside Instagram. Or you can use some other song for your Instagram content.

So go ahead and try out the methods and see if they are any help to you. In case you need additional help, then feel free to drop a comment below.

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